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Mazerolle & Lemay is a dynamic unified law firm which relies on the talent of its professionals working in a team environment to continually better service its clients.

We are therefore constantly seeking talented people who fit within the Mazerolle & Lemay service model.

Because of the nature of our firm's practice and client, fluency in both official languages is an absolute prerequisite.


At Mazerolle & Lemay, each professional works within a team environment in the clients' best interests. It is therefore essential that each new professional demonstrate the ability to work within and contribute to a team environment.

At Mazerolle & Lemay, the interests of our clients is the primary consideration. It is therefore essential that each professional is committed to the core principals of the profession ever conscious the fiduciary obligations with which he or she is invested.

At Mazerolle & Lemay, we have adopted a total quality management model. It is therefore essential that each new professional demonstrate an attitude of continuous professional improvement and a commitment to continuing legal and professional education.

At Mazerolle & Lemay, the cornerstone of our success has been our commitment to the firms client service model. It is therefore essential that each new professional have the ability to create lasting relationships of trust with clients and with the other members of the client service team.

Mazerolle & Lemay offers a competitive remuneration package and a generous employee benefit plan. We invest significantly in the mentoring of our new professionals and develop for them an interesting career plan which serves to guide and motivate them towards success. In order that the proper emphasis be placed on learning the proper professional skills, Mazerolle & Lemay does not initially impose any minimum billable hour targets. Although this does not necessarily result in a lesser time commitment for the lawyer, it does reflect the firm's emphasis on learning in the first years of professional practice.

The new professional shall have daily continuous interaction with the firms senior lawyers in an "open door" environment and will have direct dealings with the firms clients.

Employment opportunities:

At the present time, there are no specific opportunities for new lawyers at Mazerolle & Lemay. However, we invite all those who may be interested by a career at Mazerolle & Lemay to send their resume together with a presentation letter of a maximum of two pages and their law school transcripts to the attention of the Managing Partner for filing in the firms database. When an opportunity arises, we consult, as a first step, our database.

We will not necessarily respond to each presentation we receive.


Mazerolle & Lemay is always interested in recruiting talented people to its team. Our professionals of tomorrow are already enrolled in law school and are working diligently to achieve their goals.

We usually hire summer students and, occasionally hire part-time students during the year for special projects. If these opportunities are of interest to you, please send your resume with a presentation paper of a maximum of two pages describing yourself and explaining why you are interested in the practice of law. Please address your application to the "Director of student placement".

Articling Student

For those who want to apply to Mazerolle & Lemay for their articling term, we invite you to abide fully with the Law Society of Canada guidelines. You may address your application to the "Director of Articles".


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