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Our Clients

Mazerolle & Lemay is a law firm whose principal client base is business and entrepreneurs who have operations or who carry on activities in Ontario.

We also represent several financial institutions both in their financing activities and in their enforcement decisions. We invite you to visit our LINKS section where you will find the coordinates of some of our clients, suppliers and/or colleagues.

The businesses which have shown us their confidence in retaining our services include:
  • In the construction industry, several home builders and land developers for residential use;
  • In the construction industry, many corporations involved in all facets of residential, commercial and industrial property and undertakings;
  • A canadian affiliate of an international publicly traded corporation whose principal activity is in the travel industry;
  • An engineering corporation with internationally recognized expertise in the development of solutions for human impact protection;
  • A manufacturing corporation involved in the refinement of rubber materials specialized in the conversion of the raw product into recycled and transformed goods for consumer sale;
  • A national corporation in the propane distribution business;
  • A national corporation in the marketing and communication business;
  • A manufacturing corporation with worldwide operations in the aluminum and plastic tube business;
  • Golf courses and other businesses involved in retail sales of golf products;
  • Several franchise businesses, including franchises in the food and restaurant business;
  • Housing cooperatives;
  • Specialized human resource placement agencies;
  • Corporations involved in the graphic design, web site design and integrated solutions;
  • Corporations involved in the development of software applications;
  • Underwriters in the context of their client benefit programs;
  • Corporations involved in vocational training, "coaching", rehabilitation training and career counselling;
  • A corporation specialized in the development of equipment to the military;
  • A corporation specialized in water rehabilitation services; and,
  • Reputable corporations in the repair and maintenance of heaving machinery and equipment, in the transportation business, in the printing business, in photography, in the hospitality sector, bed and breakfasts', furniture design and sales companies, corporations involved in the sale and installation of garage doors, in the creation and design of garden accessories, in sports entertainment, in the sale of religious wares, in the sale and leasing of boats, in the sale and leasing of recreational vehicles and motorhomes, in the maintenance of campgrounds, in the residential and commercial moving business and several other medium and small businesses throughout Ontario or with commercial activities in Ontario.

Management companies who have shown their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • Property managers;
  • Condominium corporations;
  • Eldercare homes and special care homes; and,
  • Commercial leasing corporations.

Brokerage business' that have shown their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • Insurance brokers;
  • Mortgage brokers;
  • Real Estate brokers;
  • Business brokers;
  • Investment and retirement planing brokers;
  • Trusts; and,
  • Financial planners.

Professionals who have shown their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • Lawyers;
  • Accounting firms;
  • Engineers;
  • Medical doctors;
  • Veterinarians;
  • Accountants and investment counsellors; and,
  • Trustees in bankruptcy.

Financial institutions who have shown their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • Caisses populaires;
  • Credit unions;
  • Chartered banks for their financing activities; and,
  • Other institutional or private lenders in their financing activities.

Governmental institutions who have shown their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • The Ontario Ministry of Environment;
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education;
  • The Federal Government;
  • The Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario; and
  • La Clinique juridique francophone de l'est de l'Ontario.

Not-for profit corporations who have shown us their confidence by retaining our services include:

  • Corporations interested in economic development;
  • Corporations whose objects are for the improvement of education situation of its members;
  • Corporations who are committed to eradicating childhood poverty for francophone youth in Ottawa;
  • Corporations whose objects are for the improvement of community life in general;
  • Religious orders;
  • Community associations; and,
  • Corporations whose objects are to the rehabilitation of the homeless and the handicapped.

Mazerolle & Lemay obviously also represents the interests of individuals and we invite you to consult the Services to individuals section to learn more about the services we offer.

We invite you to communicate with us if you are looking for a particular business. We will be happy to refer you to our clients.


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