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No legal advice

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Lack of confidentiality

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Lack of solicitor-client relationship

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Disclaimer and limitation of liability

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Trade marks

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Applicable law

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Termination of use

Mazerolle & Lemay can, at any time and without prior notice, cancel or terminate your right to use our website.

Illegal use

You agree to not use our website for any illegal means and to not use our website for purposes which may be prohibited pursuant to these terms and conditions.

Content of website

All the information posted our website is the property of Mazerolle & Lemay or its license holders and is protected by copyrights, trade mark rights as well as other laws. The content of our website can only be viewed for personal use and not for commercial use. You agree not to amend, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, publish or otherwise circulate the content of our website without our prior written consent. To obtain our consent, please contact Marc Lemay (mlemay@mazerollelemay.com) at (613) 746-5700.